Relaxation Techniques for Dealing with Anxiety Through Pregnancy

Published: 16th January 2009
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It is not true that pregnant women are constantly happy. In fact, the reverse is true for most women. Women who have a lot of stress need treatment to deal with anxiety during pregnancy. If the problems continue, it can affect the newborn child and can cause behavioral problems with the child from there on. Many methods have been developed to help in this direction. Relaxation techniques are extremely useful for dealing with anxiety through pregnancy.

Severe anxiety can lead to nausea, fatigue and palpitations. It puts a good bit of stress into the mind of a woman who is pregnant. Psychotherapy and anti-anxiety medication are helpful in treating anxiety during pregnancy. But Yoga is an alternative way to treat anxiety in pregnant woman avoiding the bad effects of medication. The mind and body are united with yoga and the movements made by the body. Yoga is good to deal with anxiety.

Prenatal yoga

These are safe and gentle exercises designed to develop flexibility and strength. The benefits of prenatal yoga will

  • Strengthen the abdominal

  • back and pelvic muscles

  • Better digestion

  • Increase circulation

  • Remove constricted breathing

  • Fight constipation and alleviate insomnia

  • Reducing back pain and sciatica

  • Aligning the mind with the soul and Increasing comfort helps to prepare the body for labor

Many types of yoga have been designed specifically for pregnant mothers to help them with the anxiety of pregnancy. Muscle control and flexibility can both be improved with the relaxation techiniques taught in yoga.

An experienced yoga instructor will help to adapt stretches and postures to suit the individual needs of every pregnant woman. It is important o find out which exercises to avoid. Doing the correct yoga postures can help mothers-to-be to gain necessary weight, decrease swelling of the body parts and maintain the hormonal balance. This is essential in dealing with anxiety though pregnancy.


Yoga techniques are extremely helpful during labor and childbirth. The use of controlled breathing combined with relaxation helps while delivering the child. Yoga helps women to master their emotional states and to find their inner wisdom and core of strength. Detachment skills make the mother focus on the delivery process and hasten it. Yoga will strengthen your abs, which helps during childbirth.

Postnatal yoga

The body of a woman goes through many transformations after childbirth. It is important to navigate the mind and body through this transition fruitfully. It takes about 8 months for the person to regain her former self. Yoga is just the right therapy to help the woman to adapt to the physical and emotional changes in her life. Many yoga postures and breathing exercises can be done while nursing the baby. The baby learns to deal with the breathing patterns of her mother and feels happy and secure about it.


Yoga exercises are the best for dealing with anxiety through pregnancy. Yoga pumps the "useful hormones" and prevents the secretion of the dangerous ones. It gives a calming and restful experience to the mother. More and more psychologists are recommending yoga as the most useful way of dealing with anxiety. Yoga helps women to stay emotionally and mentally healthy. It is an extremely effective and safe method.
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