Lump in The Throat Therapy Explained - Causes and Treatment

Published: 04th March 2009
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You might have remembered the moments when you are too scared to answer a question or too embarrassed with a situation. At least you might have experienced a choking feeling in your throat while trying to suppress crying. The feeling is like a lump in your throat, right? The appearance of the lump is due to the stressful situations. Often, the lumps are transitory and vanish with the passing stressful situations. However, if the lump lasts for longer it becomes necessary to find an effective lump in throat cure procedure.

The medical term for the lump in throat is Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease or GERD. Although the problem is a physical imbalance, there are some psychological reasons that result in such problem.

# Anxiety
# Panic attacks
# Sudden shocks
# High levels of stress
# Excessive grief
# Crying

The lump in throat cure procedure differs for each case as the cause of the problem varies for each individual. Some physical reasons are also responsible for triggering the disease.

# Stressed throat muscles
# Growing Cysts
# Developing Tumors
# Tightened vocal muscles
# Being overweight
# Bacterial infections
# Damage to mucosal layer

Diagnosing the lump in the throat problem

Proper diagnosis is very essential in any disease. Hence, before choosing any remedial measure to treat lump in throat, it is crucial to find the exact cause of the problem with the help of diagnosis. It can also help you take the right medical help to cure the lump in the throat.

Lump in the throat cure - psychological causes

Sometimes the lump in the throat may be psychological as opposed to being physical. An individual with high levels of stress may develop a lump in the throat due to the pressure on the muscles in the throat. At times of shock or stress the body supplies oxygen to vital organs in the body this may result in blocking the breathing rhythm and give a choking feeling in the throat. Since the psychological causes of lump in the throat are stress driven the best cure for the lump in the throat disease is relaxation. Here are some great relaxation techniques that may help you cure the lump in the throat problem.

Lump in the throat cure - physical causes

The lump in throat is not a fatal disease, but if it stays more than a normal time period, it is wise to take medical help. Your physician can best diagnose the problem, its root cause and recommend the proper treatment procedure.

# Meditation is really effective in providing relaxation and soothing tense muscles.

# The panic attacks can be reduced significantly with deep breathing.

# Medicinal helps are another way to reduce stress.

# Visit a spa and take the massage therapy.

# Spend some time in nature.

# Herbal medicines are better than chemically prepared drug to treat anxiety.

# Aromatherapy is one of the natural anxiety relief techniques.

The causes of lump in the throat may also be a combination of a physical cause and a psychological cause. If the symptoms last for more than three days it is best to visit a practitioner. Thinking about the problem all the time may simply add to the stress you already are dealing with. The lump in the throat disease can be cured with medical help. All you have to do is relax.
During the panic attacks cures, the symptom of lump in throat will reduce. However, only treating panic attacks with the correct treatment plan will be effective.

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